Welcome to Peace Pots By Leslie!

What are Peace Pots?
Peace pots are one potter's small attempt at peace through understanding,
by making candle pots with cut out symbols that represent many of the
religions practiced around the world and selling them with a small card
containing a few words of explanation about that particular religion.

Calvary Cross

Buddhist Wheel

Hindu "Ohm"

Islamic Crescent and Star

Star of David

Jewish Menorah

Chanukah Menorah

Hebrew "Shalom"

Native American
"Sun" Symbol

Japanese Shinto
Torii Gate

Native American

Also Available:
Christian symbols and pots representing various religious orders.

Celtic Cross

Byzantine Cross

Spirit / Dove / Fire

Universal Candle Pot

Centering Prayer

Franciscan Cross (Tau)

Servants of Mary (Servites)


Brothers and Sisters
of Charity

Marianites of Holy Cross

All candle pots come with a tealite,
and most pots can easily accommodate a votive.
Shipping is free!

You can email me at LAMCurry@aol.com and let me know what candle pot you are interested in.
I will email you back, and can send you a photograph of the exact pot you might purchase.
If you are satisfied, you can send me a check (address will be in my email), or I can invoice
you through Pay Pal and you can use a credit card.

I also have an eBay site and from time to time put other pots up for sale.
To get to my eBay site, click on the link below.